To serve you better, state of the art facilities are available under one roof:

Handling and Processing Machines

EOT Travelling Cranes – 5- Ton

Hydraulic Jacks & Pullers

Motorised Coil Making Machine

Machine for DC Armature Coil manufacturing

Dynamic Balancing facility at our door step

Baking Oven

Surge Comparison Tester

Diagnostic Tester etc.

Lathe Machine, Welding Machine, Brazing Equipment

Various machine instrument lab Micro Meter, Vernier Caliper, Bore gauge, Dial gauge, Inside micrometer etc.

Three Phase Variac Transformer, Air Compressor, AC to DC Rectifier


1.    Area of Workshop:  900 Sq. ft.

2.    Installed Power:  30 KW

3.    Material Handling:   Having two Nos. Overhead Travelling crane of 5 Ton capacity each.

4.    Total Work Force:   Seven

5.   All  required Machinery & Equipment.

6.    All required Testing Equipment.

7.    Detail of few job done by us is as under:

a) Repair of Armature of DC Motor of 460, 550 KW at customer site.

b) Repair of Armature and Commutator of 550 KW at our Works.

c) Rewinding of Stator of 90, 250, 522 KW Imported Motor of different Hz.

d) Rewinding of Stator & Rotor Field Coils of Alternator.

e) Repair of  Servo Motor Mitsubishi make.

f) Rewinding of Stator of 15, 18.5, 37 & 55 KW Kaeser/Atlas Copco Compressor Motors.


Apart from this Our technical staff having experience of Overhauling of TG Alternator up to 30 MW at customer site.